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When your heavy machinery needs reliable support & maintenance, no matter where you are in WA, we’ll come to you.

MOA Heavy Diesel is here to keep you up-and-running, and on the job longer.

Why Choose Us?

01. We Solve Problems

We love to solve problems and think on our feet for our clients. We treat each job with the utmost respect for time and its value.

02. Trade-based Knowledge

Along with our trade-based knowledge, we also understand the facets of drilling and drilling equipment from the operator’s and crew’s point of view. This is a massive advantage when diagnosing and improving your equipment for functional use.

03. High-quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and giving a great experience for both YOU and your site representatives.

04. Risk Management Strategy

We treat our clients’ equipment as though it is our own. We are always keeping an eye out for things that may pose a threat to future downtime, so we can RESPOND to issues instead of REACTING.

05. We Are Innovative

We love innovation. We are always looking at ways to improve your equipment in an ever-changing industry.

Heavy Diesel Support

Our Services

When your heavy machinery needs reliable support & maintenance, no matter where you are in WA, we’ll come to you.

MOA Heavy Diesel is here to keep you up-and-running, and on the job longer.

Rig & Suite Maintenance

CMOA Heavy Diesel provides on-site and support to drill rigs and the ancillary equipment associated with drilling to keep the crews working and asset availability to a maximum. From servicing the equipment to following preventative maintenance schedules; general condition inspections; reports to repairing any defects on the spot where possible.

We want to ensure any such issues do not become a shutdown event in the future. We can offer a one-off visit or organise an ongoing support schedule. Whichever is the case, we are always here to help YOU.

  • Servicing
  • Inspections and preventative maintenance
  • Continuous improvements

Breakdowns happen and MOA Heavy Diesel provides expert assistance for breakdown diagnosis and repair of all drilling related equipment. The ways in which we are here to help in these situations are.

Over the phone diagnosis support, rapid site mobilisation and assistance in finding the right parts as quickly as possible.

  • Rapid mobilisation
  • Diagnosis, repair and future prevention
  • Causation reports ans suggested actions
  • Over the phone assistance in diagnosis and support

Breakdown Maintenance

Rig Rebuild Support

Rebuilding rigs is a large part of keeping your equipment on-site running reliably. We want to help you ensure your equipment is up to date with technology and compliant with mine site safety systems. We are passionate about keeping your rigs in top condition and assisting you in respect to the time targets you have set.

We can supply personnel to be in your workshop working alongside your maintenance crew, or on-site for site based overhauls.

  • Equipment modernisation
  • Installation of new valves, auxiliary hydraulics and improved control systems
  • Re-hosing rigs in a way that improves the ergonomics of the rig, increasing the life of hoses and cables.
  • Rebuilding Mud and Grout pumps

Mine site compliance is an area of maintenance that is simple, though it will cost you more time due to the small things that are flagged in mobilisation inspections and site audits. We are here to help reduce the downtime and make sure your equipment is site ready, audit ready and safe.

When there are any issues, we are here to assist with planning, timeframes and solutions to get you on site, and drilling.

  • Pre-mobilisation inspections for a smooth transition onto site
  • On-site audits to prepare for ongoing compliance inspections
  • Installation of safety systems such as interlocks, cut-outs and warning systems to comply with latest site requirements
  • Installation of guarding and barriers

Mine Site Compliance

Auxiliary Services

We know how hard and expensive it can be to get people on-site to do basic services such as fire safety systems, air conditioning and electrical testing/tagging. That’s why we have positioned ourselves to bring you these auxiliary services to ensure that your equipment is kept available for operation and safe for use.

Fire protection systems:

  • We can carry out all of you fire safety system maintenance and inspections needs.
  • Testing and tagging fire extinguishers
  • Maintenance and inspections of pre-engineered fire suppression systems
  • Re-building pre-engineered systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of faulty systems

Electrical testing and tagging:


Mobile plant air conditioning service:


Who Are We

Over a decade of experience in the drilling industry

Hey there, I’m Ben. I am the rig-fixing, guitar-playing, woodchopping extraordinaire, and I do it all with a smile on my face.

I started MOA Heavy Diesel in 2021. I noticed there was a gap in the industry, and I knew many more clients would benefit from high-quality workmanship and a holistic approach to drill rig and suite maintenance. I understand the drilling industry from both sides of the fence, having been a driller in the past.

I have worked in the Drilling industry for over a decade, and each day is an opportunity to lead with my expertise and help as many people as I can to continue to succeed in the Drilling industry with great asset availability and reliability.

When I’m not out there working on equipment or troubleshooting over the phone, you’ll find me honing my axes or training for the various Woodchops around WA!

I have always been known as the person that is always smiling and enthusiastic about what I do and its true! I really do have a true passion for the people and equipment that I get to work with and get great satisfaction from helping people fix problems.



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